I sat there staring at Google, thinking.. “How do I get inside the heads of people who are using the internet to find and select chill electronic music online to purchase? – What would they type into this box.”

Do people type what they want exactly, word-for-word? “I want to purchase ambient electronic music on the internet”? For example.. Or is it more specific, like “buy ankhabar music”?? (no one is typing that, sadly)..

Either way, I figured that I would post this blog as an experiment, of sorts, an experiment in selling experimental electronic music made in Milwaukee. Will it work?

We know it is possible to target specific users by their specific behaviors online – and serve them up ads and serve them up rich, informative colorful and interactive content.. we know it is possible.. so how do I guide people looking for what I am selling, to where they can buy it? Is this the way?

Hopefully – this is the way. Or, at least, a way to get to the way.

What will this tell us?

What does the future have in store for us?

I want to purchase experimental electronic music online – Click here to do so!